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BlackCab understands and respects the importance of your personal data. In this section, we will explain how we collect and use your personal data and how you can modify the data you have already entered. How are your personal data collected while accessing our website? This data is requested in several circumstances, for example:

– when you make a reservation or buy a service from our web page or through our customer service team: by e-mail, mail, fax or telephone

– when you register as a user of our site,  when you subscribe to the newsletter service or to different contests and promotions

– when you agree to participate in the various questionnaires launched by BLACKCAB, as operator of the portal

To improve the relationship between you and BlackCab, we use cookies to collect information about you. Cookies are small files temporarily stored on the visitor’s computer (the user of our site) containing information about that user to recognize and facilitate subsequent access of this site. Most Internet browsers accept cookies, but you can delete these cookies in your browser. You can also make certain settings to block the receipt of cookies in the future. In order to identify the way of accessing our visitors, we collect the information through these cookies. No personal information (which can identify you) is collected during this process.

Who collects your personal data? The operator that collects your personal data is S.C. BlackCab Systems S.R.L in Bucharest, 4th Ion Ghica street, 3rd  sector, telephone + 4-021-322-1095. How do we use your data? Your data is used for the following purposes: – to provide a service to a high standard and to help you use the most of the resources of our web page. – to set reservations and purchases you have made through our site, and for us to respond as effectively as possible to the requests received from you – to provide you with a personalized service and to ensure you that we will not omit any offer or information that may interest you – other administrative purposes and internal analysis – if you contact us by e-mail, we will use the information you have given us to provide the requested service (eg your preference for a pick up address in particular). The information you provide us will allow us to send you our special offers, to offer you updated information about BlackCab, our partners or any relevant information.Thus: – The phone number and e-mail address are mandatory for making a travel reservation because we must have the contact details in case of changing the flights (for an airport transfer) or transport reservations. – The data from the credit card. In case of online payment reservations or reservations that require a credit card, we must collect this data in order to process the payment or guarantee your reservation. – Data from identity documents. At the same time, the transport contract between our company and you must contain this data. – Pick-up address or destination. In case of changing a car during a ride we need the data where we left the passenger. To whom can this information be disclosed? The data about you can be disclosed to our partners and it will only be used for the purpose of making your reservation request. We will not disclose this data to other third parts, unless these parts are involved in the process of making a reservation or purchase on our website (including our customer service team here). Your data may be disclosed if required by certain laws. We may also disclose your data to third parties or consultants who act on our behalf subject to their obligation to keep your data confidential. All airlines are required by law to disclose information about passenger bookings (on flights to the United Kingdom, Australia or the United States) to the relevant government agencies, even before their arrival in that country. This information is used to ensure the security of the respective states. Thus, we must inform you that information regarding your identity data will be communicated to the airlines through the Amadeus reservation system.

Information transfer In order to fulfill the purposes defined above, we can transfer your information beyond the borders of Romania, including countries outside Europe. Each country can offer different levels of protection of your information. The online payment system ensures that no information related to your card is transferred or stored at any time on our servers or on ePayment servers, this data being directly introduced in the Visa and Mastercard systems.

How can you change your data? We have tried to do our best to facilitate the changes you intend to make once you have filled in some information about yourself. Whenever you connect with your personal data, you will see a link called “Users” that will allow you to modify or delete your details. According to Law no. 677/2001 you have the right to modify or delete all or part of the registered data. If you would like to find out any other information about the data we hold, please email us at At the same time, you have the right to ask the court to delete your personal data transmitted through us to the airlines or service providers.

What if you do not want to disclose your personal data? The personal data mentioned above are necessary for us to process your reservations. We must mention that it is impossible for us to process reservations that do not contain these mandatory data.

If you do not wish to communicate this personal information to us, you have the right to cancel your reservation at any time. BlackCab Traveler Profiles collect travel information when making a booking through the BlackCab website. BlackCab also gives you the facility to autocomplete your profile data whenever you make a new reservation through our website. These data includes the name of the traveler, contact details, pick-up or destination addresses and other travel preferences. This information is required to complete the reservation or other requirements, as well as for administrative purposes or internal analysis. As your profile may also include data about third parts, please make sure that any completed information about other people (other than you) has been provided with their consent for use in accordance with the privacy policy. Unsubscribe If you would like to stop receiving newsletters or other details about different promotions and special offers please email us at