What is BlackCab?

BlackCab is a top transportation service from Bucharest, both accessible and reliable. BlackCab provides private affordable ground transportation solutions for clients who want to travel in style and comfort.

1Is BlackCab a taxi company?
No. It is a point-to-point driving service that offers high value compared to usual taxi companies. We also offer account facilities for regular business users and for long term hires.
2What’s the name of this service?
This type of service is offered in different cosmopolitan cities around the world. In Romania is called BlackCab, in New York is Sedan Service, in London minicab and in Paris is called VTC- Voitures Turism avec Chauffeur.
3Is this service legal?
This service governed by Romanian legislation started in 2006 and it was called rented cars for public transportation.
4What is the difference between BlackCab and a conventional cab company?
Our cars do not have a taximeter and the drivers don’t pick up customer from the street. The order and the cost is set up in advance and agreed with customer. Our flexible, honest approach, together with our wide coverage areas makes us an ideal choice for businesses both large and small. All of our drivers are wearing clean cut, white shirt, black tie, and black suit pants. You no longer have to be concerned with city traffic, parking problems, or if someone has had too much to drink.
5So what is the price?
Fixed price confirmed before the pickup. The price starts with 2RON and 1.45RON/each km, with a minimum of 17RON per journey. For the airport the cost is 10 RON to go and 16 RON for pickup. The waiting cost is 0.5 RON/Minute, first 10 minutes for free.
6How can I know the exact price for a trip?
Very simple! Create an account and submit a request for a trip on our site or on your mobile app. Also you can use the call center for placing an order. The price is given before the placing the order.
7How can I open an account?
By downloading on your android or iphone mobile the BlackCab app from AppStore or Google Play. By creating an account on our website.
8Can I have an estimate?
Minimum cost is 17 RON.We’re proud to provide the price before the order is placed in, so you can have an estimation when submitting the order details on order form or when calling our representatives.
9Are there any subscriptions or any specific allocated for business needs?
Sure! Our subscriptions adapt to your needs. For more details go to www.blackcab.ro/abonamente
10What are the benefits of having a Priority Account?
A Service Plus account offers you priority when placing the order. An administration fee will be applied. Ideal for families. There is the option for several pre-established users to login with the same details
11If I already have a Service Plus account can I still use a public account?
Sure! The Service Plus account just gives you more benefits than a standard account.
12How do I do that?
In the mobile app you switch from Service Plus to Basic account. On the website you can login with user name and password instead of phone number. At call center just provide the phone number.
13What is a business trip?
Is specifically designed for corporations, limited access to wide audience and delivered with BMW and Mercedes E Class cars.
14How can I book for daily work transport?
By opening a Service Plus account we will save and book transport for the next 180 days
15Is there a bonus program?
Yes. Since 2014.